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How a science fiction novel ignited the eyeball tattoo trend

Jan 22 2015

Science fiction novel "Dune" is at the root of the eyeball tattoo trend.  Read More >

What’s the deal with this eye-catching new tattoo trend?

Jan 21 2015

One new style of tattooing that has been catching the eyes - in more ways than one - of an increasing number of tattoo enthusiasts has many asking if beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. Read More >

6 tattoos you’ll come across in a restaurant

Jan 19 2015

Here are six of the most-common tattoos you'll find in a restaurant. Read More >

When tattoos become art in more ways than one

Jan 15 2015

Most people already consider tattoos a form of art - after all, that's the point of inking a design permanently into your skin. Read More >

4 lifestyle changes that typically result in tattoo removal

Jan 14 2015

Here are four common lifestyle changes that often lead people to develop tattoo regret.  Read More >

How much does a tattoo hurt?

Jan 12 2015

Most people will tell you that it's mind over matter when it comes to enduring the pain associated with getting inked- but there's even more to it.  Read More >

What parts of the globe are the least tattoo-friendly?

Jan 12 2015

While some parts of mainstream culture in the West still have yet to fully accept tattoos as a form of art, there are other places in the world where the public attitude toward ink is even more strict. Read More >

How one tattoo typically leads to another

Jan 8 2015

Despite the ubiquity of tattoos, people go under the needle for a vast array of reasons - many of which are beyond skin-deep.  Read More >

Here’s why you shouldn’t tattoo over a birthmark

Jan 7 2015

More and more cases are surfacing that involve people developing melanoma on moles that are disguised or covered by body art. Read More >

How do tattoos really affect public perception?

Jan 7 2015

Tattoos and those who bear them continue to struggle for mainstream acceptance and legitimacy in Western societies. Read More >