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Are tattoos inherent to humans?

May 22 2015

Tattoos and the reasons behind them haven't changed all that much since A.D. 900. Are they inherent to human nature?  Read More >

Rob Kardashian’s ex gets PicoSure laser tattoo removal

May 21 2015

Rob Kardashian's ex is getting laser tattoo removal to erase the reality star's name from her lower backside.   Read More >

4 things that happen when you get a new tattoo

May 19 2015

Here are four things that happen when you get a new tattoo. Read More >

Are millennials using tattoos to cover up an identity crisis?

May 18 2015

Tattoos are giving millennials something that they're dying to have - an identity. Read More >

4 matching sister tatts that will warm your heart

May 15 2015

Consider these four adorable idea when you and your sis stop butting heads and start planning your first ink session. Read More >

Do you have tattoo envy?

May 14 2015

It seems like everywhere you go, you're surrounded by fantastic flash art, beautiful body ink and tale-filled tattoos. Sounds like someone has tattoo envy. Read More >

Tattoos might skew Apple Watch sensors

May 11 2015

If you have tattoos on your wrists, an Apple Watch may be a bust. Read More >

Country star Brantley Gilbert gets second amendment tattoo

May 11 2015

American country music artist Brantley Gilbert from Jefferson, Georgia loves the second amendment a lot. So much so, that he decided to get a giant tattoo supporting it. Read More >

UC Davis launches campaign on body art health risks

May 5 2015

The University of California, Davis and Sacramento State University are encouraging students to be more forward with their tattoo and piercing artists.  Read More >

4 steps to picking a tattoo’s placement

Apr 27 2015

Here are four steps that make picking out a tattoo's placement less daunting.  Read More >