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Woman Seeks Diagnosis for Mysterious Freckle Pattern

Nov 20 2015

In this segment you’ll be introduced to Samantha, a 30 year old mother of 2 from Palm Springs, CA. A Read More >

Ben Affleck has a lower back tattoo

Jul 10 2015

Ben Affleck isn't wearing his wedding ring anymore, but he's sporting something as seemingly permanent: A lower back tattoo. Read More >

Celebrity tattoo removals that will make you think twice

Jun 30 2015

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4 strange facts about tattoos

Jun 26 2015

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7 regrettable 4th of July decisions

Jun 18 2015

Here are seven regrettable choices that many people make on the Fourth of July. Read More >

5 carry-on essentials for tattooed folks

Jun 15 2015

Here are five travel essentials if you have a tattoo. Read More >

5 apps that prevent tattoo regret

Jun 11 2015

Not sure if you're ready for a tattoo? There's an app for that. Read More >

How will your skin react to a tattoo?

Jun 11 2015

While you can't change the way you are, you can take time to get to know your body and ultimately reduce the risk of these sometimes painful and awkward post- ink experiences. Read More >

5 celebrity tattoos to inspire your own ink

Jun 8 2015

Here are five celebrity tattoos that may inspire you to get your own ink. Read More >

Is your skin sun damaged?

Jun 3 2015

If you spend even a little time in the sun, you should examine yourself for signs of premature damage so you can stop it in its tracks. Read More >