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Do you know the effect tattoo ink may be having on you?

Nov 21 2014

As some experts are finding out, it's not the needle, but the ink that may be leaving tattooees with more than just a case of potential tattoo regret. Read More >

These disasters showcase the danger of amateur tattoo removal

Nov 18 2014

For the growing number of U.S. adults who find themselves living with tattoo regret, nothing is worse than the prospect of having to go through the years with a poorly conceived or poorly executed tattoo. Read More >

Oops! Cringeworthy tattoo typos and other embarrassing ink mistakes

Nov 14 2014

For anyone who takes a seat in the tattoo chair, the worst-case scenario would be a misspelling or mistake in the final product. Read More >

Veterans turn to tattoos to tell their stories

Nov 13 2014

In an attempt to further connect returned veterans with their community and highlight the highs and lows of their military struggle, a new initiative has spawned in an unlikely place - a tattoo shop. Read More >

What should first-time tattooees know before getting inked?

Nov 11 2014

Many of us have heard the classic axiom caveat emptor - let the buyer beware. Read More >

Why have tattoos grown so popular?

Nov 7 2014

Chances are, a few decades or even a few years ago, you'd be hard-pressed to encounter someone in your daily life with tattoos - let alone a person in the public eye or in a professional position. Read More >

Why you should steer clear of amateur tattoo operations

Nov 6 2014

Many people who want tattoos but don't necessarily have access to them are tempted to turn to less conventional means - "in-home" studios and underground artists. Read More >

The myth of meaning: Why tattoos don’t necessarily have to be significant

Nov 5 2014

One of the most commonly  heard opinions on tattoos is that people feel that they must be imbued with some kind of significant meaning. Read More >

Organ tattoos give new meaning to “inner beauty”

Nov 4 2014

You've always heard that beauty is only skin-deep, and it's what's on the inside that counts. Read More >

Tattoos: An important part of cancer treatment and recovery

Nov 3 2014

In recent years, some cancer patients are finding allies in some unlikely folks - namely, tattoo artists. Read More >