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Homemade tattooing goes high-tech

Oct 29 2014

Tattoos aren't necessarily something you want to be poking around with in a basement, but that's never stopped some people from pursuing their own do-it-yourself tattoo dreams. Read More >

What is the connection between tattoos and music?

Oct 28 2014

Some professional musicians have pointed out the connection they experience between their ink and their music, in a unique synergy of different art forms. Read More >

The story behind tattoo stigma

Oct 28 2014

Tattoos and those who sport them have long been associated with less savory aspects of society. Read More >

Where are the best places to get tattooed?

Oct 28 2014

While opinions may vary, in general, these are the best places to head for those who want to avoid any unwanted tattoo regret. Read More >

Do you know the meanings behind these classic tattoo designs?

Oct 27 2014

Here are some of the more well-known traditional tattoo designs, and the stories behind them. Read More >

These ancient tattoos are truly old-school

Oct 24 2014

Tattoos have been a part of human civilization almost forever. Read More >

Employers send mixed messages regarding tattoos

Oct 24 2014

Dress code is an important part of maintaining professionalism in any setting, and education is no different. Read More >

From rebellion to reflection: Why younger generations are getting tattoos

Oct 23 2014

In recent years, tattooing has started transforming from an act of rebellion to one of self expression for many who pursue body art. Read More >

What happens when tattoos hit the campaign trail?

Oct 23 2014

As millennials - the most tattooed generation, according to statistics - get older and begin running for office, encountering political candidates who have gone under the needle will become more commonplace. Read More >

DIY tattoo disasters

Oct 22 2014

Just because you can get a do-it-yourself tattoo doesn't mean that you should. Read More >