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These ancient tattoos are truly old-school

Oct 24 2014

Tattoos have been a part of human civilization almost forever. Read More >

Employers send mixed messages regarding tattoos

Oct 24 2014

Dress code is an important part of maintaining professionalism in any setting, and education is no different. Read More >

From rebellion to reflection: Why younger generations are getting tattoos

Oct 23 2014

In recent years, tattooing has started transforming from an act of rebellion to one of self expression for many who pursue body art. Read More >

What happens when tattoos hit the campaign trail?

Oct 23 2014

As millennials - the most tattooed generation, according to statistics - get older and begin running for office, encountering political candidates who have gone under the needle will become more commonplace. Read More >

DIY tattoo disasters

Oct 22 2014

Just because you can get a do-it-yourself tattoo doesn't mean that you should. Read More >

Which cities are the most tattoo-friendly?

Oct 22 2014

If you're a tattoo enthusiast in the U.S., here are some of the places you're more likely to find a more open and welcoming attitude toward the practice of tattooing. Read More >

Which career fields are more accepting of ink than others?

Oct 21 2014

Job seekers are finding that some industries and fields more than others are increasingly opening their doors to today's tattooed demographics. Read More >

Who gets tattooed, and why?

Oct 17 2014

One of the great things about tattooing as an art form is that it's so versatile. Read More >

Tattoos that last a lifetime – and beyond

Oct 14 2014

The permanence of tattoos is often touted as either a major appeal or major concern surrounding the medium, depending on who you ask. Read More >

Tattooing a questionable celebration practice for some

Oct 8 2014

Local-area small businesses tend to have special connections to the communities in which they're situated. Read More >