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Would you celebrate your bad body art?

Feb 27 2015

For those individuals adorned with ink, body art is seen as something to be celebrated. Read More >

The meaning behind 5 Irish tattoos

Feb 26 2015

Here are five popular Celtic symbols and what they represent. Read More >

How tattoo removal can help give some a fresh start

Feb 26 2015

For the hundreds of thousands of men and women who come through the correctional system, there are often things about their past they wish they could erase. Read More >

What to do with a bad tattoo

Feb 25 2015

In tattooing, as in life, expectations don't always match up to reality. Read More >

9 myths about tattoos debunked

Feb 24 2015

Here's the truth about nine tattoo myths. Read More >

Know how to spot a bad tattoo artist before it’s too late

Feb 24 2015

Just like you wouldn't trust an amateur to build your house or compose a concerto for you, you certainly don't want an unskilled tatooist coming anywhere near you with that needle and ink. Read More >

Tattoo removal: The good, the bad, and the weird

Feb 23 2015

Humans have been tattooing themselves for nearly 10,000 years, and have subsequently been removing tattoos for nearly as long. Read More >

10 awesome travel tattoo ideas

Feb 20 2015

Here are 10 totally awesome travel tattoo ideas.  Read More >

New to tattoos? Consider these recommended locations for your first design

Feb 10 2015

Before you head into the tattoo shop for your first appointment, you should have as clear an idea of where you want your tattoo as you do what your design is going to be. Read More >

5 Signs you’re not ready for new ink

Feb 6 2015

Are you unsure whether you should get another tatt? Here are five signs you're not ready. Read More >