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Chargers’ fans may head for tattoo removal parlors

Feb 1 2016

These days, Chargers' fans are feeling a little dismayed - their beloved football team may be leaving San Diego and heading north to Los Angeles. As a result, many with Chargers ink are considering having it removed. Read More >

The top tattoo trends of 2016

Feb 1 2016

Trends come and go in every industry, and tattoos are no exception. Read More >

Man faces serious tattoo regret after ink binge

Feb 1 2016

Sometimes, after a few years or even a few decades, people face tattoo regret and desire to get that tattoo of a dolphin or an ex-lover's name removed. Usually, that's how the story of tattoo removal goes. Read More >

Should you show your tattoos in a job interview?

Feb 1 2016

These days, tattoos are becoming more and more commonplace and accepted. However, some people feel that in some places, such as the work space, tattoos might not be OK. Read More >

Military lightens up rules for tattoos

Feb 1 2016

For years, the Marine Corps has been a symbol of pride and dignity. However, tattoos haven't come with that image - until now. Read More >

Temporary tattoo parlors: It’s all in the family

Feb 1 2016

These days, temporary tattoos are pretty common.  Read More >

Getting to know the latest tattoo trend: The stick and poke

Jan 7 2016

Tattoo artists have seen plenty of tattoo trends come and go. However, this latest trend, which doesn't actually involve artists, might be a little more frightening than the rest. Read More >

What to expect when getting your first tattoo

Dec 28 2015

Consider these tips on what to expect when you're getting a tattoo. Read More >

Adam Levine unveils three new tattoos

Dec 23 2015

Adam Levine just added three new tattoos to his collection. Read More >

American best cities for tattoo lovers

Dec 15 2015

These are some of the cities around the country with the most tattoo-friendly communities. Read More >