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Invisible ink: The relationship between cities and tattoo bans

Jun 25 2014

Tattoos may be becoming a more ubiquitous part of our culture by the day, but this wasn't always the case. Read More >

Tattoos help some express their faith, body and soul

Jun 24 2014

What do a person's tattoos and their religion have in common? Read More >

Strange occurrences of tattooing minors creates problems for all involved

Jun 24 2014

Remember when you were 14 or 15 and begged your parents to get a tattoo? Read More >

Tattoo plagiarism a touchy subject for some inksters

Jun 17 2014

In any creative field, artists take great pains to guard themselves against plagiarism. Read More >

Many brave souls tempt fate with Friday the 13th tattoos

Jun 16 2014

Friday the 13th is an event that rolls around just infrequently enough for us to acknowledge it as a special day. Read More >

Many video game fans let the love of their hobby get under their skin

Jun 12 2014

These days, many enthusiasts opt to take their love of games to another level by expressing their appreciation for their favorite stories and characters on their bodies. Read More >

Older adults are more likely to regret their ink

Jun 11 2014

While not necessarily a universal truth, tattooing tends to attract a younger crowd in general. Read More >

Compulsive tattoos: Here today, groan tomorrow

Jun 9 2014

Tattooing is becoming more and more common. Read More >

Many women heading to the tattoo parlor instead of the beauty salon

Jun 3 2014

People are constantly pushing the limits of what they'll do for beauty. Read More >

Tattoo regret? No problem – PicoSure can erase the past

May 20 2014

Considering the rise in popularity of body art, it's no surprise that there has also been an increase in tattoo regret. Read More >