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The science behind how a tattoo fades over time

Apr 22 2016

Curious as to how your ink is fading? Read More >

Update: The Marine’s tattoo policy

Apr 18 2016

Of all the military branches, the Marine Corps are the most strict when it comes to having tattoos. Read More >

What happens when you embrace a botched tattoo

Apr 15 2016

Maybe your best friend's girlfriend thought she were getting the symbol for "peace" when in actuality she was labeled with having an "evil spirit." Read More >

Trending: The blackout tattoo

Apr 6 2016

The blackout tattoo is an incredibly bold statement that screams, "Commitment." Read More >

What are the most popular tattoos people are getting at SXSW?

Mar 21 2016

This year's film festival was chock-full of locals and tourists alike getting tattoos as part of their enjoyment. Read More >

Japan may allow tattooed tourists to visit onsens

Mar 21 2016

For several decades, onsens have been an exciting part of Japanese culture. Read More >

One man’s back tattoo trash is another man’s treasure

Mar 21 2016

It turns out Affleck's ink is completely fake. However, another notorious celebrity, Jack Osbourne, revealed his isn't. Read More >

Tattoo artist uses Facebook to help grow brand; reaches 1 million likes

Mar 21 2016

Most well-known tattoo artists might have a Facebook page for their tattoo parlor that shows off some of their work and gives users and potential customers general information on the store, such as how they got started or where the shop is located. Read More >

Lady Gaga and sexual assault survivors get matching tattoos

Mar 17 2016

Some people may remember Lady Gaga's harrowing performance at the Oscars, where she sung "Til' It Happens to You," a song dedicated to sexual assault survivors. Read More >

Does getting a tattoo boost your immune system?

Mar 17 2016

Getting some fresh ink might also boost your immune system. Read More >