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Let these bad tattoos serve as a warning

Sep 29 2014

There's no doubt that tattooing is quickly becoming a more widely recognized and accepted form of art in recent decades, but that doesn't mean that there isn't an abundance of bad tattoos out there. Read More >

The personal stories behind tattoos

Sep 29 2014

It may sound overly grandiose, but the fact remains that human history is one deeply rooted in a culture of storytelling. Read More >

How tattoos help us tap into our cultural roots

Sep 29 2014

The majority of people today have a specific image in their heads when the topic of tattooing is brought up. Read More >

Are there long-term health risks associated with tattoos?

Sep 23 2014

Recent reports have revealed that there may be a link between certain tattoo inks and skin cancer. Read More >

Melanie Griffith spotted leaving tattoo removal clinic

Sep 19 2014

News of a celebrity break-up is often paired with sightings of famous faces at tattoo removal clinics, and Hollywood's latest major split is no exception. Read More >

What do tattoos really mean for your job prospects?

Sep 16 2014

For the vast majority of people, the No. 1 argument they're given against getting tattoos when they're younger is that it will be limiting or damaging to career prospects down the road. Read More >

Tattoo removal numbers continue to rise

Sep 12 2014

Are you considering getting a tattoo removed, but are unsure if tattoo removal procedures really get the job done? Read More >

Tattoo artist speaks out on celeb regrets [VIDEO]

Sep 9 2014

It's not just the average Joe who has regrets about some tattoos from his past, celebrities can make mistakes as well. Read More >

Roll up your sleeves to understand this tattoo trend

Sep 9 2014

Sleeve tattoos have made their way into the ubiquity of popular youth culture today in the West. Read More >

Tattoos are on the rise – and so is tattoo regret [VIDEO]

Sep 8 2014

Do you have a tattoo that you'd like to get rid of? If so, you're certainly not alone. Read More >